HASUO Herbal Essential Shampoo

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HASUO Herbal Essential Shampoo

This shampoo keeps your scalp and hair healthy and clean as it maintains the oil and moisture balance on the scalp. It shows the effects of hair loss prevention, hair growth and increase of hair thickness, hair prevention nutrient supply to the scalp and strengthening hair roots.

How to use

1. When the hair is wet, take the appropriate amount off.
2. Bubbles out as you massage lightly.
3. Rinse it thoroughly in flowing water.




Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julia Quinto (Riverside, US)
Only shampoo we’ll use!

My daughter’s face was breaking out from hormonal changes, just an over abundance of hair, and oily skin. Our hair dresser recommended this shampoo for her. We were amazed just less than a week she was cleared her right up! The shampoo breaks down all the oil, dirt, and cleans your scalp right up without all the harsh chemicals! Since then my mom, sisters and I have all made the switch! This is the only shampoo we’ll use!

Charity Marie A. Lapitan (Buena Park, US)

Been using it for weeks now. My first impression it lather well in my hair, doesn't have too much suds. My hair doesn't feel heavy after rinsing, dries quickly. Keep my perm I had last year still intact and provide that volume. Be careful though not putting it in the eye. Could feel the medicated ingredient.

Vivian Stanfield (Winter Springs, US)
Love this product

I have thin and flat hair. My hairdresser recommended this shampoo a year ago and I bought it from her. She charged me $50. I'm glad I found Palace Beauty. Their prices are more reasonable and shipping is fast. The combination of the shampoo and the treatment makes my hair look healthy and soft to the touch.

Katherine Park (San Francisco, US)
Wonderful switch!

Tried this at a friend’s house and immediately had to get one for myself. The smell is heavenly and it leaves my hair with so much shine and so soft! Definitely recommend to those who need some shine and softness

ham (Los Angeles, US)
Excellent !!

After years of using so many different types of daeng gi meo ri shampoo and conditioners. This is the one! I have med. long hair. As I have aged, I am 45, my naturally wavy hair has become dull and frizzy after a few hours of being dry ( I do not blow dry). I should mention we have hard water and that does not help any texture of hair. With this product I saw a beautiful difference, youthful hair. I used only a small bit of shampoo, it goes a long way, so the price is fair.