Herbul Henna Hair Well Being Life Color

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Anyone who's worried about gray hair or gray hair?
* Anyone with severe hair damage
* Anyone who doesn't like the strong smell of dyeing
* People who have cold eyes or discomfort when dyeing their hair
* Anyone who has a itchy scalp or scalp

_ Natural Henna Color Treatment
Hubble Henna Color Powder is an excellent hair dye that not only has less hair damage but also can effectively dye your hair.

_ Hair health and coloring at the same time
Henna's main ingredient, vegetative Lawson, is characterized by a good combination with the keratin protein of hair, which makes damaged hair healthy and elastic.

_ NO Ammonia NO Peroxide
It does not contain ammonia components that cause damage to the human body and hair, so there is no strong smell of dye, and it becomes natural and glossy hair dye with a subtle scent of grass without irritating or stinging the eyes.

How to use

1. Wash your hair clean, dry it with a towel, and apply it wet.
(Dyeing does not work well when hair is mousse or spray or oily)

2. Mix a little bit of lukewarm water to make it a watery ketchup.
(If you mix too thin, water will drain and dye well.)

3. Apply it from the scalp to every corner.
(After application, brush it well with a dyeing brush and rub it with your hands with disposable gloves to absorb less dyed hair.
*One to two guns for short hair like men, three to four for medium hair, five to six for long hair)

4. Wrap the hair covered with a plastic cap.

5. Application Time
About 20 to 40 minutes is appropriate. If you use henna for a long time, the color gets darker, but it doesn't strain your hair.

6. Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, and then wash the remaining henna off your hair one more time.
Finish with shampoo and conditioner.


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