The History of WHOO Hwanyu Signature Ampoule Set

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The History of WHOO Hwanyu Signature Ampoule Set

Hwanyu line presents the ultimate skin-perfecting formula renowned for its extraordinary age-defying effectiveness. Continuous use of Hwanyu products will assist to restore the overall health and wellbeing of your skin

Hwanyu Signature Ampoule 40ml.
Hwanyu Cream – 4ml.
Hwanyu Eye Cream – 4ml
Hwanyu Essence – 7ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer – 25ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion – 25ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Essence – 8ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Cream – 10ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Regenerating Eye Cream – 5ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Wild Ginseng Facial Oil – 5ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Gold Ampoule – 5ml
Cheongidan (Hwahyun) Radiant Cleansing Foam – 50ml

How To Use

 After cleansing, apply Balancer, Essence, Ampoule, Emulsion, Eye Cream, and Cream in order.