Mugens Sansuhwa Down Color Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown

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Mild Hair dye without irritation. Pure colors containing nature~ Ammonia Free, Fragrance Free.
Organic Calendula extract certified by ECOCERT of France gives astringent and soothing effects, making you feel much more comfortable in dying hair.
Ceramide’s cementing effect prevents hair CMC from flowing out, and reduces hair damage by helping to repair hair.
Ammonium glycyrrhizate sourced by sourced from Licorice roots and plant sterols reduce scalp irritation, making hair dye easier.

How to use

  1. Hair diagnose : Check hair condition, length, volume, and damage levels.
  2. Select your desired color.
  3. Mixture ratio : Mix formula 1 (hair dye) and formula 2 (oxidizer) at 1:1 ratio.
  4. Formulas application and treatment time:
    → The first dyeing : Apply to hair from roots at a time. Leave on for 20 minutes.
    → The second dyeing : Apply to newly grown areas. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  5. Apply to mixed liquid left to already dyed areas. Leave on for around 5~10 minutes.
  6. Color test : Wipe a few hair with towel and check if you have a desired color.
  7. Finishing : Thin color with tepid water. Gently massage. Rinse. Finish using Mugens shampoo and conditioner.


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Kimberly Huang (Dublin, US)
Fast delivery

Very good products with fast delivery.

Virginia Hill (Encino, US)
Great Service

Easy to order and product was delivered in one day! Well packaged. Very satisfied.