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5 Reasons to Love COSRX Snail Mucin

It may sound yucky or gloss, but applying snail mucin benefits your skin. That’s why the popular COSRX’s Advanced snail line is loved by many people in the K-beauty industry. It is a great healer and keeps your skin hydrated for longer. With the unique ingredient being snail mucin, you will be amazed by the results it will have on your skin. In this article, we are going to explore 5 reasons that will make you fall in love with COSRX snail mucin.

What is Snail Mucin?

Snail mucin is a secretion by the glands of snails. It also goes by snail filtrate, snail serum, or just snail excretion. Snails excrete this serum to protect the surface of their skin from damage while moisturizing it to prevent dryness. It comprises complex glycoproteins that combine different types of protein to protect the delicate skin of snails.

In skincare and beauty, snail mucin is used as an animal-derived growth factor. These are factors with high molecular weight peptides, which help in healing wounds and repairing tissues. In snails, the excretions enable them to self-health after injuries. Based on this chemical composition and properties, snail mucin offers several cosmetic skin benefits:

  • Stratum corneum barrier function and increasing skin hydration
  • Reducing pigmentation
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkled’
  • Reducing enlarged pores
  • Reducing post-inflammatory erythema

Why You Will Love Cosrx Snail Mucin: 5 Reasons

cosrx snail mucin

The COSRX’s Advanced Snail Line is a top skincare product for many people. Composed of 96% snail mucin extract, the product brings calmness to the skin and produces great results within a short time. It also includes antimicrobial peptides and hyaluronic acid that keep your skin hydrated and looking great.  You will find the products in this line essential in your skincare routine if you are looking for something hydrating and soothing. Here are the top 5 reasons why you will love COSRX snail mucin:

1.   Increases Skin Hydration

COSRX Snail mucin effectively hydrates your skin. It consists of 96% strength of snail secretion that helps to improve damaged skin barrier. It also maintains elasticity and keeps the skin hydrated and moist. The main ingredients, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid are amazing humectants that attract water molecules to your outer skin layer.

Other ingredients like elastin and collagen boost the stratum corneum barrier function, protecting your skin from damage. By focusing on repairing the moisture barrier on your skin, hyaluronic acid also minimizes breakouts. COSRX Snail mucin also contains Arginine that helps fight free radicals and support collagen production.

2. Calms and Soothes Irritated Skin

Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can irritate and damage your skin. With repeated exposure, your skin can weaken, and you may experience redness and stinging. However, applying snail mucin helps to calm damaged and roughened skin. It will also soothe reddened skin and help the skin recover quickly.

In olden times, snail mucin was applied to calm and soothe damaged skin. Studies on this practice concluded that snail mucin can significantly speed up the rate of wound healing. Further, snail mucin is gentle on the skin and a safe alternative to chemical treatments. The complex composition of snail excretion boosts the production of skin cells, which helps in healing. Applying snail mucin on the skin for a while enabled the movement of skin cells to the wound site while preventing the death of existing ones.

The COSRX Snail Mucin is safe to use on any type of skin without the worry of irritation. It comes with a very minimal ingredient list and is specially formulated for ease of use. It has no essential oils or added fragrance, which works well for most people. If you have a sensitive nose or your skin is generally sensitive, you can use their product without negative effects.

3.  Skin Protection and Antibacterial Effect

Skin cell activity reduces naturally as we get older. Early aging is also associated with this decrease in skin cell activity. The decreased activity makes the skin more vulnerable to damage and irritation. However, the regenerative effect of snail mucin accelerates the activity of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in the skin. It fills up these cell types in the skin, making it look healthier and plump.

In addition to making your skin healthier, COSRX snail mucin can protect your skin from harmful factors. This could be related to harmful substances, ultraviolet rays, and viruses that can have bad effects or worsen the skin. The antibacterial effect of the snail mucin further protects your skin from external contamination.

4.   Fades Post-Acne Redness and Hyperpigmentation

cosrx snail mucin

Hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory-erythema are quite common. While hyperpigmentation is caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, post-inflammatory-erythema are the red marks left behind after acne. These skin concerns affect many people and finding a safe product that works is usually a priority.

COSRX snail mucin will effectively brighten up your dull skin, making it look healthy. With every use of the product, the skin will get more hydrated and plumper. Although the red or brownish markings are expected to go away on their own after several weeks or months, snail mucin can cut the time by half. This means that the pigments or marks can fade within a month or two weeks.

5.     Improves Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Your skin changes with age as essential components like elastin and collagen gradually decrease. You will then notice changes in the appearance and health of your skin, requiring more care. The gradual decrease of the essential components reduces skin elasticity and causes saggy wrinkles. Without proper care, the changes are expected to continue as you grow older.

COSRX snail mucin can help to improve wrinkles and elasticity of your skin. While you cannot prevent the natural aging process, applying snail mucin will help improve the symptoms. The mucin will refill these essential components back to your skin, improving elasticity and lessening wrinkles. The relationship works in that the snail mucin will boost your skin barrier, allowing it to heal itself better. The soothing effect further reduces inflammation, making your skin stronger and healthier.

COSRX Snail Mucin is indeed a great choice when it comes to hydrating and soothing products. It adds some snail loge in your life, helping you boost the health and appearance of your skin. With the products being friendly to all skin types, dry and oily included, it is a great choice to keep your skin calm and bouncy. The only time I wouldn’t use the snail mucin is if I am allergic to this ingredient, but such cases are so rare.

Buying COSRX Snail Mucin Products

COSRX offers several products with high concentrations of snail mucin. The COSRX Advanced Snail line with the maximum amount of snail mucin, ensuring your skin benefits the most. COSRX snail mucin products also have added moisture to suit all skin types. COSRX also guarantees customers that the products are safe and environmentally friendly. The snail mucin ingredients were extracted in an optimal environment where the snails were protected from any harm. Check out Shop Palace Beauty for COSRX snail mucin and other products in this line at affordable prices.