What is Innisfree?

What is Innisfree?

What is Innisfree? Brand History, Products, & More

innisfree green tea hyaluronic skin

Innisfree is a Korean skin care brand that was founded in 2000 by Amore Pacific. The brand is widely known for its natural beauty products and is associated with the pristine Jeju Island. With the brand name derived from “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” poem by W.B. Yeats, the brand has taken the world of beauty by storm. In this article, we explore what is Innisfree, its brand history, its products, and what makes it stand out.

Innisfree Brand Concept: A Clean Island


Innisfree was founded on the slogan, “Clean Island.” The brand functions and sells its products while promoting a situation where healthy beauty and clean nature coexist happily. This brand concept has been lauded for being unique and emphasizing the importance of the beauty industry adopting nature and eco-friendly practices.

Innisfree creates affordable beauty and skincare products with a conscious touch. By blending nature and science, the brand has introduced powerful formulas in the market that feature sustainably sourced ingredients. With a commitment to be an earth-friendly skincare brand, Innisfree goes beyond offering environmentally friendly products. They also engage in recycling programs for empties, provide mindful packaging, and actively participate in reforestation efforts. In addition, the brand actively participates in initiatives to preserve Jeju Island's pristine environment. These practices go a long way in displaying a deep respect for the source of their products' power.

Innisfree Brand History: A Journey Inspired by Nature's Poetry

Innisfree was launched by one of the largest cosmetics and skincare companies in South Korea, Amore Pacific. However, the brand has an interesting story behind its success. The founder, Sunghwan Suh watched the way his mother would transform Camelia oil into an effective personal care product. Inspired by her skills, he later traveled to Jeju Island in search of natural beauty ingredients. The journey eventually led to the foundation of the brand and he was motivated by the availability of the ingredients on the island.

Jeju Island is a paradise of volcanic soil, mineral-rich water, and a perfect amount of rainfall. It has the ideal climate to produce the best Green Tea harvests that form the key ingredients of Innisfree products. This unique nature of the island is what led to the foundation of the brand. Upon the introduction of the brand, it was marketed as Amore Pacific’s first eco-friendly brand. This made it grow quickly in popularity for reasonable prices and healthy beauty products.

Following its quick success in the local Korean market, Innisfree quickly captured the hearts of skincare and makeup enthusiasts around the world. More people are now connected to the brand’s core philosophy of nature and inherent beauty. However, this connection goes beyond the brand’s name, but the form and creation of each of its products.

Innisfree Products: A Blend of Natural Ingredients

Innisfree Green Tea Hyaluronic Skin

Innisfree is the first K-beauty brand to offer all-natural products. The ingredients in the majority of its products are sourced from Jeju Island with a promise of great skincare results. In fact, the brand prides itself on using at least 70% natural ingredients in all of its products, The range of products includes makeup and skincare products for both men and women.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

From the iconic Green Tea Seed Serum to the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Innisfree offers a wide range of products for various skin types and concerns. These products are not only natural and effective, but they are also relatively more affordable. Whether you are looking for a product to achieve hydration, pore reduction, or anti-aging benefits, be sure Innisfree has a ready product for you. Among the top-selling products include:

The Special Thing About Innisfree: Ingredients Sourced for Jeju Island

Innisfree has grown to become a leading K-beauty brand by focusing on its commitment to quality and sustainability. By sourcing its ingredients primarily from Jeju Island, the brand has continually shown its customer base that it can be trusted. The major ingredients sourced from the island include:

  • GREEN TEA: Innisfree Beauty Green Tea provides useful hydrating skincare benefits in addition to its amazing flavor. The ingredient has over 16 different hydrating amino acids and is USDA organic certified for use.
  • BLACK TEA: The Black Tea by Innisfree comprises a naturally fermented Beauty Green Tea. This gives it a burst of powerful antioxidants and other benefits that will revitalize and protect your skin.
  • BIJA TREE: Jeju island is home to legendary Korean Torreya trees. Some of these trees are over 900 years old and are known for their multiple health benefits. The precious fruit sourced from these trees is used as a powerful ingredient in skincare that helps address flare-ups. Innisfree harvests already dropped fruits from these trees, giving you the best skincare products while ensuring fair trade practices.
  • CHERRY BLOSSOM: Innisfree captures cherry blossoms with all the full glow-boosting benefits by harvesting & drying their leaves.
  • VOLCANIC: Volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island left hot lava fragments. Over time, these fragments formed clusters that produce naturally-filled minerals perfect for sucking up extra oil and impurities from your skin.
  • CANOLA HONEY: The yellow Canola flower petals all over Jeju Island are jam-packed with proteins and flavonoids.

Innisfree Story is a Celebration of Nature’s Embrace

The unique story of the Innisfree brand and its variety of products is a true testament to the power of nature’s beauty. The brand is more than just a cosmetics brand but is a philosophy of embracing natural beauty and living in harmony with the environment. Innisfree is now widely recognized across the globe for more than its product, but also for the promotion of responsible practices. By offering natural products of high quality at reasonable prices, Innisfree has empowered people to embrace their natural beauty. The brand has also fostered a sense of environmental consciousness in the beauty and skincare industry. If you are wondering which is the best all-natural brand, then Innisfree is worth a try. 

Where to Buy Innisfree Products


With all-natural products, Innisfree is indeed a brand of choice for many. With its dedication to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature in the skincare and beauty industry, each product is highly effective and clean. Purchasing Innisfree products is as easy as finding the product that you want and making the purchase. Shop Palace Beauty offers you a whole range of Innisfree products, allowing you to make the best choices. Be sure to check out the Innisfree catalog at some of the most competitive prices.