What is The Secret of Korean Youthful Skin?

What is The Secret of Korean Youthful Skin?

Korean skincare has become a global phenomenon. You can’t visit a pharmacy or department store anywhere in the world without seeing Korean skincare brands alongside Western brands like L’Oréal, Olay, and Estee Lauder. The industry has made K-beauty products like BB creams, sheet masks, and pimple patches mainstream.

 Korean Skincare

The rise of Korean skincare has come thanks to social media influencers sharing the products and skincare routines behind the natural, glowy skin that is a hallmark of Korean beauty standards.


While Korean skincare is popular amongst millennials and Gen Z, it has a universal appeal with its focus on anti-ageing ingredients. K-beauty takes a skincare-first approach, prioritising sun protection, nourishing ingredients, and gentle formulations.


If you want youthful and glowing skin, a Korean skincare routine will unlock your skin’s natural radiance.


We’re sharing the secrets of achieving youthful skin with Korean skincare products to add to your everyday routine.


Skincare Over Makeup


While Western beauty focuses on makeup products, Korean beauty takes a skincare-first approach. Most Korean people will own more skincare products than makeup items. Focusing on skincare and complexion-brightening ingredients is why most Korean women opt for a ‘no-makeup’ look.


K-beauty is all about giving your skin the nourishment it needs to achieve a clearer complexion that stays youthful for longer. Most products feature natural skin-brightening ingredients, including vitamin C, rice extracts, and licorice.


There are some ingredients you’ll see in Korean skincare. Snail mucin has gone viral as the secret to glowing skin with extreme hydration to boost skin texture and smoothness. Dewy skin is one of K-beauty’s biggest trends, which starts with nourishing skincare products.


The Corsrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is one of the most sought-after K-beauty products and will instantly elevate your Korean skincare routine.


Double Cleansing

 The Best Korean Cleanser

Double cleansing is the secret to having a Korean skincare routine. It gives you a clean base to help your skin better absorb the active ingredients in your serums, toners, and moisturisers. Double cleansing prevents premature ageing by removing the excess bacteria, dirt, and oil that leads to breakouts and dark spots.


The golden rule of Korean skincare is to never sleep in your makeup. If you only have time for one step of your skincare, always make it a double cleanse. Always cleansing will help rejuvenate and repair your skin, even when you haven’t been wearing makeup.


Most Korean skincare routines feature two different cleanser types, usually a balm-based and an oil cleanser. The Sunduk Jeju cleansing balm melts away makeup and removes dead skin cells and excess sebum. The Reboncel Soapberry Pore Cleansing Oil is ideal for oily skin types as it minimises pores and targets acne and blackheads to brighten your complexion.


Anti-Aging For Every Age


It’s a common misconception that anti-ageing skincare is only for people in their forties and fifties. Korean skincare focuses on treating skin issues at the source, instead of tackling just the symptoms.

 Best Korean Skincare Brands

This preventative skincare leads to focus on anti-ageing ingredients from an early age with gentle formulations that calm and nourish the skin. You’ll see anti-ageing ingredients, such as ginseng and mugwort, included across skincare products to incorporate anti-ageing into every step of your routine.


The Cosme Chef Nokdango Earth Blending balm is the perfect final step to a Korean skincare routine. It’s packed full of anti-ageing ingredients that boost the skin’s hydration and smooths its texture for flawless makeup application.  


Creating a Korean Skincare Routine


You want to follow up a double cleanse with a hydrating toner and essence before locking in the hydration with a lightweight moisturiser. Your morning skincare routine should always finish with sunscreen - 365 days a year and not just during summer!


Sun protection doesn’t stop at sunscreen. Followers of Korean skincare take extra steps to avoid sun exposure by staying out of the sun and layering up. Being proactive about sun protection can also mitigate against pollution damage to prevent pigmentation and fine lines.


You’ll want to stay away from harsh ingredients and incorporate gentler formulas and products, such as pimple patches to tackle breakouts. Keep the Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch pimple patches to wear under makeup and heal breakouts.


Not sure where to start with your skincare routine? We have a step-by-step Korean skincare routine guide that covers everything from toners to sheet masks and eye creams.


There are lessons we can all learn from Korean skincare routines for healthier-looking skin that don’t cost a penny.


  1. Tap, don’t rub!

Gently tap your skin when applying products instead of rubbing them in. Tapping will prevent you from pulling on your skin and causing premature ageing.


  1. Don’t skip steps

Invest in your skincare routine, and don’t skip steps like essence and toner that help to hydrate your skin.


  1. Skincare as self-care

K-beauty considers the skincare routine as a form of wellness and self-care. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. You want to approach your skincare routine as a relaxing experience that gives your skin the TLC it deserves.


  1. Facial exercises

It’s not just your body that you should be working out. Facial exercises are an extra step you’ll find in Korean skincare routines that help firm and lift the skin to achieve a natural contour. Check out these facial exercises that are a staple in Korean skincare philosophy.


  1. Don’t forget your neck!

Korean skincare prioritises prevention over treatment. You want to pay as much attention to your neck as the rest of your face, making sure to use your products all over. Apply your moisturiser on the face and neck in upward motions to keep your skin smooth and firm.


  1. Use a damp cloth

You can take your exfoliant the extra mile by using a cotton cloth and warm water to remove excess dirt and oil for a deeper cleanse.


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