Why is Dr Jart famous?

Why is Dr Jart famous?

Beyond BB Cream

Why Dr Jart is Taking Over the Skincare World

If you have not heard about Dr. Jart+ before, you will be amazed by what this Korean brand is doing in the beauty industry. Dr. Jart+ is not a doctor, but a philosophy that stands for doctor joins art. So, why is Dr. Jart+ famous?

Dubbed one of the most popular Korean skincare brands, Dr Jart+ has been an instrumental player in introducing enduring K-beauty trends to the Western world. They take the best ingredients and innovations in skincare (the Dr.) and join them with artful experiences that create high-performance skincare solutions.

What is Dr Jart+?

Dr. Jart+ is one of the best-known Korean skincare brands. It was founded in Korea in 2005 by Chin Wook Leeo, an entrepreneur who collaborated with a dermatologist Dr. Jung Sung-Jae to produce innovative skincare solutions. As the pioneer of the innovative BB Cream, Dr. Jart has been creating some of the best Korean skincare products that have been performing exceptionally in the global market.

The inspiration behind forming Dr Jart+ has played an important role in its global reach and success. While working as an Architect, Chin Wook was introduced to a make-up-like blemish balm that was only found in dermatology clinics. He was amazed by its functionality hybrid and started to work with labs to create a product that would offer powerful skincare benefits as a foundation. The result of this initiative was the BB Cream.

Once introduced in the market, BB Cream became an instant hit in Korea. It changed the narrative of what skincare should be. However, Chin Wook did not stop there. He continued to create derma skincare comprised of the most advanced ingredients and technology. Today, the Dr. Jart+ brand is popular for its ever-evolving blend of form and function that has created skin care with outstanding results.

Dr. Jart+ Impact in Skincare

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In 2019, Dr, Jart+ was bought by Estee Lauder and continued to make a significant impact in the beauty industry. This also saw the company getting a seal of approval for excellent formulas that have caught the eyes of many. The Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment is a great example of a product that quickly became a skincare sensation on social media platforms. Dr. Jart+ has consistently propelled products that were previously under-the-radar to cult status.

In the trendy color-changing cream, Dr. Jart+ combined soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients like cica and raspberry leaf extract for neutralizing redness and acting as a second-skin base. This also shows the brand’s problem-solving capability by producing hybrid skincare products that are different from the traditional 12-step K-beauty routine. With this single product, Dr. Jart+ strips back the number of products you use in your routine by introducing skinimalism.

Dr. Jart+ Growing Popularity

Dr. Jart+'s popularity quickly gained traction on social media and promotion from Western beauty retailers. Having amassed a huge following across its US and UK Instagram accounts and TikTok videos getting millions of views, the brand has been having a huge impact on the skincare industry. Some of its impactful formulas, including the BB cream, a unique hydration-packed rubber mask, and color-correcting moisturizer now rival the best foundations in the market.

Another contributing factor to Dr. Jart+'s popularity is the West’s new-found obsession with Korean beauty products. Social media influencers are constantly pushing for K-beauty products including bubble masks, sheet masks, and slice masks. As more people subscribe to this kind of beauty product, Dr Jart+ has settled itself in as an ult skincare brand. More people love the brand, with many flocking to the internet to describe how lovely the products are.

Dr. Jart+ Product Line-up

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Dr. Jart+ is known for its range of product lineups, known as albums. Each of these albums is specially formulated to meet skincare needs. The Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment is part of the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair range that is designed to harness the power of cica in relieving and repairing sensitive skin caused by environmental factors like pollution. This product line comes with everything from a calming gel cream to a serum. Dr Jart+ Cicapair is also the best-selling product line for reducing redness, calming sensitive skin, and soothing irritation. Other product lines by Dr. Jart+ include:

  • Ceramidin: Spotlights du jour–ceramides ingredient, which helps in strengthening the skin barrier, which makes the cream a good first port of call. The blend of 5 ceramides in this product album deeply moisturizes and strengthens the moisture barrier on your skin to prevent water loss. It also features centella asiatica, calming fig, and phyto extracts to relieve flaky and cracked skin.
  • Vital Hydra: Formulated for dehydrated skins. It comes with five different types of hyaluronic acid in its formula that also help in looking after your skin microbiome. The cooling and hydrating collection also uses prebiotics to strengthen the moisture barrier of your skin.
  • Premium Beauty Balm: The famous BB cream acts as a tinted moisturizer. It moisturizes your skin to enhance the tone while adding protection later from UV damage (with SPF45).
  • Masks: Dr. Jart+'s innovative skincare masks are highly effective, providing on-demand and concentrated solutions for different skin concerns. They come with colorful, fun, and surprising packaging that allows them to stand out in the market.

Dr+ Jart is a Philosophy

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Doctor joins art is the philosophy behind Dr. Jart+'s success. A simple-sounding formula, but has made profound results for the Koran skincare brand. The unlikely combination of doctor and art brings together medical-grade skincare with the collaboration of designers and artists to produce result-oriented products.

Dr. Jart+'s philosophy is grounded on Korean consumers’ skincare know-how. The approach is all about home care, which involves taking the teaching or your aestheticians and their product recommendation home to become part of your day-to-day treatment. Similarly, Dr. Jart+ products are designed to tackle the problems that hinder you from having healthy, glowing skin. Using this unique approach, the Dr. Jart+ brand has grown a cult following from people looking for differentiated and exceptional skincare solutions.

Skin Concerns that Dr. Jart+ Targets

Dr. Jart+'s innovations target a wide range of skin concerns and problems. Their product lines are known to offer solutions for oily and blemish-prone skin. They also offer relief to dryness, dullness, redness, and signs of aging.

By combining science and art, Dr. Jart continues to produce products that address more skin concerns. They have a section that focuses on products for clearing and rebalancing skin to achieve the ideal PH. The section also includes products for reducing oil levels without dryness or irritation. Taunted to be great for hormonal acne, these products are effective for reducing blemishes caused by fluctuation in hormone levels, including menstrual cycle and menopause.

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